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Brackets for Bourbon Benefiting Prescott House Child Advocacy Center!

May 25, 2022 @ 9:38 pm

Buy a bracket for March Madness and support Prescott House Child Advocacy Center!

To understand what a child advocacy center is, you must understand what children face without one. Without a child advocacy center, a child and his or her family are left to navigate the system on their own. Children must retell their story of abuse over and over again to police, social workers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, judges, and mental health professionals, in environments that might feel intimidating and unfamiliar. Unfortunately, this process creates more trauma for the child and their family.

Today, when an allegation of abuse is made, Prescott House Child Advocacy Center provides a better way. The child is welcomed into a comfortable, home-like setting where a multi-disciplinary team of professionals gathers together under one roof.  Children receive a forensic interview while investigators watch the interview via closed-circuit television. This prevents the child from having to tell their story multiple times. The child and family are given access to resources, provided therapy, or referred for therapy as well as medical services. By minimizing the trauma of recounting their abuse, Prescott House is the place where healing begins and hope is restored one child and family at a time.

  • Leader after 1st round: Buffalo Trace export bottle w/ green tube + Blue Note Juke Joint Whiskey
  • Leader after 2nd round: Elmer T. Lee donated by Brian Black + Blue Note Crossroads Bourbon
  • Leader after Sweet 16: Eagle Rare 10yr export bottle w/ silver tube + Blue Note Crossroads Bourbon
  • 1st Place overall:  George T. Stagg + Blue Note Juke Joint Uncut Unfiltered + Brackets for Bourbon Championship Belt + Choice of 1 of the following electronics: Nintendo Switch, Oculus Quest 2, Apple Air Pods 3rd Gen, or Beats by Dre Studio buds. 
  • 2nd Place overall: Old Rip Van Winkle 10 year + Blue Note Juke Joint Uncut Unfiltered + Choice of 1 of the remaining electronics.
  • 3rd Place overall:  Smoke Wagon Rare & Limited Batch #1 Batch donated by Charles Murrell + Blue Note Juke Joint Uncut Unfiltered + Choice of 1 of the remaining electronics.
  • 4th Place overall: Weller Full Proof store pick donated by Adam Lipkin + the remaining electronics item.
  • 5th Place overall: Blanton’s single barrel donated by James Spadafore.
  • Entrants pick all 63 games of the NCAA Tournament.
  • The pick deadline is set to March 17, 2022 at 12:15 PM ET.
  • Points are awarded for each correct pick.
  • Points values increase as the tournament progresses, as follows:
    • First Four = Play-in games are not included or scored
    • First Round = 1 point
    • Second Round = 2 points
    • Sweet 16 = 4 points
    • Elite 8 = 8 points
    • Final Four = 16 points
    • Championship = 32 points
  • The pool does not use a seed point bonus. Correct picks will be awarded the points assigned for each round.
  • The tie-breaker is the combined number of points scored in the Championship game. Each entrant must enter a tie-break value when they make their picks.
  • The winner is the entry with the most points at the end of the NCAA Tournament.

Additional Rules

  • Any ties for all rounds and 1st thru 5th place will be broken by entering all tied participants into a randomizer. Whichever participant is selected by the randomizer will be the winner and receive the prize(s) for that round. 
  • If there is still a tie after the Championship round tie-breaker (combined points in the Championship game) a randomizer will again be used to select the overall winner.



May 25, 2022
9:38 pm

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