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27th Annual Bump-N-Grind Race

May 29, 2021 May 30, 2021



The Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers are hosting our 27th annual BUMP-N-GRIND race on May 29th and 30th at beautiful Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham, AL. This race is our biggest fund raiser each year which allows BUMP (501c) to continue our mission to Build, Maintain, Preserve, and Ride the great trails in Birmingham. BUMP volunteers spend over 1000 hours each year to maintain approx. 50 miles of single track trails between Oak Mountain State Park, Tannehill Historic Ironworks State Park, and Trussville Sports Complex. This fundraiser allows us to keep the trails flowing, and look for opportunities to add more miles.

Saturday offers great downhill races with Super D and AIR D races along with kids races and unicycles. There are some great spectating opportunities at “Blood Rock” during the SUPER D, and of course the box drop for the AIR D race. Lace up your boots and hike in and don’t forget to bring out your cow bells to cheer the racers on. Sunday is our cross country (XC) racing. The CAT3 Junior race (12U) is 5 miles, CAT3 race is 8 miles, CAT2 is “the loop” finishing right at 20 miles, and CAT1 racers get to challenge themselves to almost 30 miles of awesome trails. With great racing all weekend you won’t want to miss this race. This is a points paying USAC sanctioned race, for rules please refer to the USAC Rulebook.

Online Registration is now OPEN. There will not be any onsite registration available. Individual class sizes (listed below) are limited to meet COVID regulations. Once a class fills up it will be closed for registration. First come first race!!!! CLICK HERE to register

COVID: Our primary consideration is the safety of our participants, volunteers, spectators and our local community. We will be following USAC event regulations and suggestions regarding COVID. Class sizes will be limited and starts will be more like time trial style to avoid crowded starting grids for all races. Face coverings are required any time the 6 foot social distance cannot be maintained (shuttle rides, etc.), and feed zones will be self-supported to avoid contact. We continue to monitor the COVID situation and will update our Facebook and Instagram accounts with more regulations as we get closer to the race. If the race is cancelled (for COVID or otherwise) there will be no refunds, but we will apply your entry to next year’s race if requested. Race day schedule may be adjusted to allow for modified starting procedures, so be sure to stay tuned as the race weekend approaches.

BUMP will adhere to the latest CDC, local, and state regulations and guidelines regarding COVID to ensure the safest event possible. We ask that all participants do your part to help keep everyone safe. We will use thermal scanning at registration, anyone with a fever will be sent home. If you are feeling sick or have been in contact with anyone that has COVID 14 days prior to the event please stay home. Hope to see you all soon.


Online registration is now OPEN. Following USAC recommendations, there will be NO Onsite Registration. CLICK HERE to claim your spot in the race


Sponsored by Cahaba Cycles

6 PM – Socially distanced Packet Pick up @
Cahaba Cycles Pelham Store
2271 Pelham Parkway  Pelham, AL 

More details will be posted on Facebook


Sponsored by Bike Link

SUPER D and AIR D Races (click for details)

  • 7am – 8 am – Preregistered racer packet pick up
  • 9:00 am – Super D Race Start
  • 10:30 am – Kids Skills Clinic (if available)
  • 11:00 am – Super D Awards
  • 11:30 am – Kids Race for new riders (Ages 0-11)
  • 1:30 pm – Kids Race Awards
  • 1:30 pm – Unicycle (MUNI) Race Start
  • 3:00 pm – Air D Race Start
  • 5:30 pm – Air D and MUNI Race Awards
  • 7:00 pm – Possible Pump Track competition (stay tuned for details)


Sponsored by Cahaba Cycles

XC Mountain Bike Races (click for details)

  • 7am – 8 am – Preregistered racer packet pick up
  • 8:45 am – Social Distanced Race Meeting
  • 9:00 am – Cat 3 Races Start
  • 11:00 am – Cat 1 and 2 Races Start
  • 11:30 am – Cat 3 Awards
  • 3:00 pm – Cat 1 and 2 Awards

Past Results



Super D racers will be shuttled up to the overlook at the top of Peavine Road. Racers will bomb down Fire Pit, Blood Rock, and Quarry Trail finishing at Peavine Road where Quarry crosses to Johnsons Mountain​. Best time wins.


Air D racers will be shuttled up Boy Scout Camp Road to the top of Lightning (or they can ride up).  Air D is best time down Lightning trail. There is an option to skip the box drop but it adds time. Racers typically get two runs, but not guaranteed so bring out your A game.


All cross country races start and finish at the South Trail Head Parking Lot in front of the Dogwood Pavilion


Cat 3 Junior course is for riders ages 0-12.  This is approx. a 5 mile course (similar to NICA). Race will start at South Trail Head, racers will ride up Peavine and enter into Mr. Toads, ride Toads all the way back to the road, left on road and follow around to Family Trail, Rattlesnake Ridge, and take Lake Trail back toward the South Trail Head and up over “the hill” for the big finish

CAT 1: (XC1)

CAT 1 course is just over 30 miles.  CAT 1 does the full CAT 2 course, then back up Peavine to climb Jekyll, across Centipede, down Quarry, cross over to Johnsons, Foreplay, Toads back to road then right on road to South Trail Head for the finish.

CAT 2: (XC2)

CAT 2 course is approx. 20 miles.  Starting at South Trail Head, racers go into Lake trail, cross over to Seven Bridges, up Camp Road to Garrett’s Gulch, Chimneys, Cat Dog Snake to North Trail Head, climb Red Road, blast across the top of the ridge to BUMP connector, BUMP Trail, down Blood Rock, Quarry, cross to Johnsons, Foreplay, Toads back to the road, left on road past feed zone, left on Family, Rattlesnake, Lake return then up and over “The Hill” to the finish at the South Trail Head.

CAT 3: (XC3)

Full CAT 3 course is approx. 8 miles.  Race starts at South Trail Head in front of Dogwood pavilion, up Peavine Road to Johnsons Mountain, come down Johnsons, cross to Foreplay, Toads all the way back to the road, left on road past feeding zone then left into Family, Rattlesnake, take Lake return and yes, up and over “The Hill” back to South Trail Head for the finish. Ages 13 and up. 12U can race the full CAT 3 course by choosing to CAT up.

Online Registration is OPEN!!!!

Special early registration pricing:

April 1st – 30th at 11:59PM CST
CAT1 XC – $50
CAT2 XC – $45
CAT3 XC – $40
CAT3 XC Juniors – $25 (12U 5 miles)
Super D – $25
AIR D – $25
UNI – $25
All 3 Events CAT1 = $80
All 3 Events CAT2 = $75
All 3 Events CAT3 = $70

May 1st – 26th at 11:59PM CST
CAT1 XC – $55
CAT2 XC – $50
CAT3 XC – $45
CAT3 XC Juniors – $30 (12U 5 miles)
Super D – $30
AIR D – $30
UNI – $30
All 3 Events CAT1 = $95
All 3 Events CAT2 = $90
All 3 Events CAT3 = $85

XC Classes and Super D:
CAT1 = Advanced
CAT2 = Intermediate
CAT3 = Beginner
CAT3 Junior = 12U, will race 5 mile course

AIR D by age groups

All 3 Events = Air D, Super D, and XCLodging


Listed below are our class divisions. Due to continued concerns with COVID restrictions this year class sizes will be limited, We will be a time trial style start for all races again. XC races will be started in groups of no more than 10, your time will start when you cross the starting line and end when you cross at the finish. First person across the line isn’t necessarily the winner, best time wins.

CAT1 Men 15-39
CAT1 Men 40-49
CAT1 Men 50+
CAT1 Women 15-39
CAT1 Women 40+
CAT2 Men 15-18
CAT2 Men 19-29
CAT2 Men 30-39
CAT2 Men 40-49
CAT2 Men 50+
CAT2 Men Clydesdale
CAT2 Women 15-39
CAT2 Women 40+
CAT3 Junior Boys 0-12 (5 mile course)
CAT3 Boys 13-14
CAT3 Boys 15-18
CAT3 Men 19-29
CAT3 Men 30-39
CAT3 Men 40-49
CAT3 Men 50-59
CAT3 Men 60+
CAT3 Men Clydesdale
CAT3 Junior Girls 0-12 (5 mile course)
CAT3 Girls 13-14
CAT3 Girls 15-18
CAT3 Women 19-39
CAT3 Women 40+
Super D CAT1 Men
Super D CAT2 Men
Super D CAT3 Men
Super D Women
Air D Men 15-18
Air D Men 19-29
Air D Men 30-39
Air D Men 40-49
Air D Men 50+
Air D Women


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