Ultimate Frisbee Could be on Track to be the Next Big Sport

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Ultimate Frisbee is one of the fastest growing sports in America – with good reason. It is a sport that anyone can play. However at higher levels of play it will require the athleticism of football and the skill of a sport like soccer.

Seeing sports like handball and table tennis in the Olympics makes one think about what is stopping Ultimate Frisbee from being the next Olympic sport. There are plenty of ways to get involved in Birmingham and start a potential road to the Olympics.

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UAB Football Patiently Waiting to Surface in 2017

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UAB football is set to play their first game since 2014 on September 2nd 2017. Until then, the players and coaches will be working hard underground and behind the scenes.

New facilities and new mindsets are pushing the team to work hard and stay hopeful – They can thank the fans and the city for some help with that.

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Toilet Paper Turned Felony

One of the Toomer’s Corner trees was set ablaze after Auburn walked away with an 18-13 victory on Saturday. Maybe the man guilty is a pyromaniac. Maybe he’s a bitter LSU fan. Maybe it was symbolic of Les Miles being fired from LSU after the game. Who knows? One thing is for sure: burning toilet paper has to be the worst way to become a felon.

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