Battle holiday stress and complete your shopping with The Crafter’s House!


A group of ladies decorate at The Crafter's House.
Whether you’re an artist or not, you can’t go in to The Crafter’s House and not find something you want to create. Photo via The Crafter’s House.

Did you know there’s a way to get your holiday shopping done AND relax at the same time? I know, shopping for presents can be one of the most stressful parts of the holidays. Particularly, it’s hard if you’re shopping for the person who has everything.

However, The Crafter’s House is making this errand a lot more relaxing by creating personalized gifts for your entire list. You also get a little “me time.”

Give a gift to yourself, while giving to everyone on your list.

Christmas trees at the Crafter's House.
I know two things in life: everything is cuter when it’s tiny and every present is more special when you make it yourself. Photo via Crafter’s House.

The Crafter’s House emphasizes getting back to your passion for creating. And, during the holiday season when it’s easy to lose yourself in chaos, what better time to rekindle an activity you love?

The best part is this self-gift comes with zero guilt, because you’re creating personalized gifts for your family and friends. The Crafter’s House studio allows you to create just about anything you can imagine from woodworking, like dollhouses and frames, to jewelry and ceramics.

Join owner Shawn Hicks at her studio in Hoover by making an appointment through her website.

I’m on the go,go,go. How can I still find time to personalize?

The Crafter's House hosts private events
How cute are these wood and ceramic gift boxes? Not only is it a gift everyone will love, they’re fun and easy to make! Photo via The Crafter’s House.

Lucky for you, it’s easy to create with The Crafter’s House, because you’re probably passing by it while you do your shopping. Shawn has pop-ups in the Riverchase Galleria every Saturday and Sunday this month.

Here’s a tiny guide to what you can create at the pop-up, depending on time:

  • My in-laws are at home waiting on dinner: Customized coasters, they’re fast and easy.
  • My daughter just went into Forever 21, I have a bit longer: Personalized shirts, blankets and jewelry.

The pop-up is upstairs across from Sephora and Rack Room Shoes. It will stay there through December, but don’t forget to sign up with Shawn during your visit to find out where you can create in January.

It’s a new place to hold your holiday event and nix the pressure of a dinner.

A relaxing area at The Crafter's House.
The most relaxed version of holiday shopping I’ve ever seen. Photo via The Crafter’s House.

Host events like office holiday parties, take out of town visitors or just gather some friends for a little holiday stress-relief.

Keep your eyes peeled, because next year The Crafter’s House is going MOBILE!

Follow along with The Crafter’s House on Facebook , Instagram and on their website for updates on events and where you can find the team next month.

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