7 things to love about Birmingham’s Titusville community, including DC BLOX


DC BLOX's newest data center opened in TItusville in the Summer of 2019.
Ribbon cutting at DC BLOX’s recent grand opening. Can you spot Randall Woodfin and Kay Ivey in the crowd? Photo from DC BLOX via Facebook

Birmingham’s Titusville community is just minutes from downtown and just west of UAB. It’s been getting some love lately on both the corporate and the housing side. Plus, it’s where you go if you’re in the mood for a Golden Flake factory tour. Fun.

Read on for all the details of what we found in Titusville.

1—Where is the Titusville community?

This community just west of UAB, Southside and downtown includes these three neighborhoods:

  • North Titusville
  • South Titusville
  • Woodland Park
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2—A little history

Alice Furnace 1905 in Titusville, then called South Elyton.
Alice Furnace 1905. Photo from “Alice” The Next Big Idea for Birmingham via Facebook

According to the Titusville Community Framework Plan, Titusville was originally founded by freed slaves just after the Civil War. Until the 1970s, it was called South Elyton. Some other interesting facts:

  • It’s pronounced /ˈtɪtəsvəl/ . . . not “tie-tus-ville.”
  • The Alice Furnace was one of the first blast furnaces in the Birmingham area.
  • Birmingham’s first airport was located at the current site of the Loveman Village housing development—who knew?
Rookie baseball cards for legends who played for the Black Barons.
Rookie baseball cards for Satchell Paige, Willie Mays and Jackie Robinson. Photo from American Legends via Facebook

3—What’s special about the area?

Getting fit at Memorial Park in TItusville.
Photo from I am BHAM via Facebook

The main thing that’s special about the area is the sense of community. Titusville has a long and rich history, including involvement in the struggle for Civil Rights. There are decades-long family reunions, fun ways to get fit at the Memorial Park Rec Center and many places to worship in the area.

Plus, it’s minutes from both downtown and UAB, and companies are starting to notice. Atlanta, Georgia based DC BLOX recently opened a data center in the area that has the potential to bring with it hundreds of millions of dollars of neighborhood investment.

As my colleague Pat Byington would say, “this is a big deal for Birmingham.”

4—Where do locals go to eat or hang out in the Titusville community?

Taco Morro Loco #3 is a popular spot in Titusville
Taco Morro Loco #3 is a popular spot to eat on 6th Avenue. Graphic from Taco Morro Loco #3 via Facebook
New pool and Zyp BikeShare station at Memorial Park in Titusville
Before (top) and after new pool and Zyp BikeShare station at Memorial Park. Photo from Zyp BikeShare via Facebook

5—What local events are coming up?

Fun ways to get fit in Titusville.
More fit fun in Titusville. Graphic from Facebook

Get fit on Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30PM with Hot KickBox Sculpt. Memorial Park Recreation Center. Free community class, $3-5 love donations welcome.

Past (and annual) community events have included a Jazz in the Park series, Trans Day of Visibility Fun Day , family and class reunions, and Titusville Day.

6—Best Instagram spot / the one thing that everyone who visits the Titusville community needs to see?

Golden Flake Factory Tours are in Titusville.
In front of the Golden Flake factory. Photo by Sharron Swain for Bham Now

While they don’t let you bring phones into the Golden Flake Factory tour, you can take a fun picture in front of this half-truck that’s on the side of the factory. Plus, they give you free chips.

7—Where can I read about the other neighborhoods?

This is the 12th installment in a 23-part series Bham Now is doing to feature Birmingham’s 23 communities, comprising 99 neighborhoods. So far, we’ve featured the following communities:

Look for our next installments to learn things you never knew about all 99 of Birmingham’s neighborhoods.

There’s plenty to see in Titusville, whether you’re in the mood for a visit to Memorial Park, the Golden Flake Factory Tour, or DC BLOX’s new data center.

Now we want to hear from you, Birmingham. What are your favorite spots in Titusville?

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