Taco Mama, Frutta Bowls and more coming to Hoover’s Stadium Trace Village

Delicious margarita at Taco Mama. Photo taken from Taco Mama’s Facebook page for Bham Now

If there are two things to be excited about for the future of Birmingham, they would be start-ups and the food scene. As a foodie myself, I revel in the experience of tasting the various local cuisines that have found their home in Birmingham. That’s why each announcement of an expansion to some of my favorite restaurants and stores at Hoover’s Stadium Trace Village brings me a great deal of joy.

Some of you may be thinking it is a little strange for me to find so much happiness in something like this. To that I say, if you have been to these places yourself, you would understand. Trust me.  Let’s just talk about some of the places that will be here.

Taco Mama, aka heaven on earth

Yup. You read that right. One of my favorite restaurants ever is gracing Birmingham once more by adding yet another location. With a total of 12 current restaurant locations, Taco Mama is a Mexican restaurant, offering standard specialities on one side of their menu, with build-your-own options on the other. This restaurant is very family friendly, and has an inviting space for you to come and enjoy a good margarita with your pals, while also giving the kids plenty of options that will keep them happy with a full belly! Not to mention, their queso is absolutely incredible. Just saying, it can’t be beat. This place has it all, and I’m obsessed. So shout out to Taco Mama for making Birmingham a better place, one tasty margarita and delicious burrito at a time. I think I speak on behalf of the whole Birmingham community when I say we are eagerly awaiting your new arrival at Hoover’s Stadium Trace Village.

Taco Mama store front, taken from Taco Mama’s official Facebook page. Photo by Taco Mama for Bham Now

Did somebody say Frutta Bowls?

Colorful array of fruits, taken from the official Frutta Bowls at the Summit Facebook page. Photo by Frutta Bowls for Bham Now

While we’re on the topic of incredible food, let’s transition on over to Frutta Bowls. What started as a local idea, first opening in Freehold, New Jersey, spread like wildfire nationwide. Frutta Bowls commits to serving healthy and delicious foods. They sell things like acaí bowls, smoothies, kale bowls, and more! It’s the perfect place to go to for a fresh meal that will leave you feeling happy and healthy! Daniel, the manager at Frutta Bowls at the Summit, comments on the community’s response to the new location, saying:

“It has been great so far! The Summit already has been such a great location for people to come. I think the feedback we have gotten has all been very positive and people love the food, so we are very excited about the growth of our store locations.”
Bowls full of fresh goodness at Frutta Bowls at the Summit. Photo by Frutta Bowls for Bham Now

What else?

These are just a few of the many new places that will be added to Hoover’s Stadium Trace Village. Some of the other places include:

MOOYAH Burgers

Sweet Charlie’s

Cajun Roux



O’Henry’s Coffee


The mix of local and national names gives something for everyone out there!


The construction of the stadium is projected to begin early next month, while the opening of the stadium is scheduled to open in the summer of 2019! What are you most excited about?