Apply by Friday, Aug. 31. Momentum’s Upward Early-Career Program in Birmingham helps young women professionals get on the leadership track.

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If I had a dime for every career lesson I’ve picked up over the last 15 years, I’d have enough for a really nice lunch. If I knew all those things in my 20s, when I was just starting out, I’d probably have a boatload more dimes by now.

Good news for today’s young women professionals. Momentum, Alabama’s premier women’s leadership program, launches its Upward Early-Career Program in January 2019.

The curriculum, facilitators and mentors will teach the principles, tools and tactics to become a strong leader.

“For 15 years, Momentum has had an executive program for women who have senior management experience to prepare them for executive level leadership. What they’ve told us is that they wish they’d had ‘a Momentum experience’ earlier in their careers,” said Andrea McCaskey, director of programs at Momentum.

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Now that the Momentum Executive Program’s active alumnae base is 400 women leaders strong, the organization is addressing the need for a program for younger women with the Upward Early-Career Program. So if you’re a woman in the first 10 or so years of your career, here’s your chance to learn how to take ownership of your career much earlier than the rest of us!

Apply to Momentum’s Upward-Early Career Program today!

There are 60 spots, and applications are due Aug. 31, 2018. Classes take place monthly from January through October downtown at 2021 2nd Avenue North and are a half-day long.

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