EBSCO Information Services is hiring in Birmingham!

EBSCO Information Services
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Are you a driven problem-solver and a team player?  EBSCO Information services is looking for great people for their open positions right here in Birmingham.  Apply today!

EBSCO Industries, a Forbes’ top privately-held company, headquartered in Birmingham has 6,000 employees in businesses worldwide.

EBSCO Software Engineer
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EBSCO Information Services (EIS), a division of EBSCO Industries, provides leading technology platforms to improve research for libraries and other organizations.

Here are some ways EBSCO stands out from the rest.

Cutting Edge Strategies
EBSCO Information Services
Image courtesy of EBSCO Industries

EIS utilizes the best practices in the industry in their code development and metric analysis.  They are on the cutting edge of Agile methodologies and Cloud architecture.

I don’t know any other Birmingham company as dedicated to Agile as EBSCO is.

-Donald Jones, Hiring Manager for EIS

EBSCO Information Services
Image courtesy of EBSCO Industries
Following Agile strategies, employees work in self-directed teams in two-week spurts called sprints, where they set their own goals and commitments for that time period.

This concentrated productivity keeps EBSCO on the cutting edge of the industry for their clients.

Employee Empowerment
EBSCO Information Services
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EBSCO empowers employees through their self-directed work teams.  These teams give employees the freedom to set their own commitments and rise to the challenge of upcoming deadlines.

“We may be good, but we can always be better.”

-Donald Jones, Hiring Manager at EIS

EBSCO Information Services
Image courtesy of EBSCO Industries

Employees who show a willingness to improve and continually learn thrive at EBSCO.

“We are very focused on not micromanaging and in letting employees grow into very valuable individuals.  We focus on investing in employees.

-Donald Jones, hiring manager for EIS

Likewise, successful employees at EBSCO see the value in investing in others and are good team players.

EBSCO Industries’ Campus

EBSCO’s campus, nestled in dense woods off of Highway 280, feels more like its own world than an office building.

EBSCO Information Services
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The beautiful surroundings, plus several hiking trails, an onsite walk-in clinic, gym, and cafeteria make it stand out in terms of its amenities for employees.

The self-directed work teams at EBSCO Information Services allows for flexible starting and ending work times.

Software Engineer Position Details

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop, maintain, extend software components to ensure quality and facilitate rapid, reliable deployment of new features for a wide range of EBSCO products, using Agile processes.
  • Daily coordination of development and QA activities with cross-functional team
  • Collaborate with the Agile team and product owners to develop high-quality solutions
  • Contribute to the team’s ability to make and deliver on their commitments
  • Author well-engineered solutions using test-first/test-driven methodologies

Desired Characteristics:

  • Team Player
  • Willingness to Invest in People
  • Eager to Understand
  • Positive Attitude
  • Desire to Make an Impact

Desired Competencies:

  • Organization and planning
  • Focus on quality throughout the development process.
  • Focus on continuous improvement.
  • Analytical skills: Able to structure and process qualitative or quantitative data and draw insightful conclusions from it.
To apply for this job, see the listing here.
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