Vestavia introduces Snapper Grabbers Land & Sea

Land and Sea, the perfect combo in both word play and eatery, provides path for Snapper Grabbers to appeal to more consumers.

Owners Pam and Kent Scott describe the new concept.

Snapper Grabbers expands to Land and Sea in Vestavia
Owners Pam and Kent Scott are owners of Snapper Grabbers Land and Sea, in Vestavia. via Sydney Cromwell

According to the Vestavia Voice, the expansion/rebranding includes a deli, butcher, and wine shop; neighboring Snapper Grabbers location at 521 Montgomery Highway.

“We didn’t break ground. We broke walls…”

Mrs. Scott exclaimed

Although the Scott’s have a long history in the Seafood industry, trying something new was a perfect opportunity; as the next door neighbors moved out.

Snapper Grabbers - Land & Sea - Vestavia
via Snapper Grabbers
Snapper Grabbers – Land & Sea

The menu for their new restaurant is the vision of SG’s three chefs. Creating an entirely new menu was quite the feat, but after hours of testing, it they decided on the offerings.

“It was a fun day of just figuring out the different taste levels and what the chefs liked…”

– Scott proclaimed

Snapper Grabbers - Land & Sea - Vestavia
via Vestavia Voice
Land and Sea Menu
  • Sandwiches
  • Soups
  • Salads
  • “Almost Famous” Gumbo

Presumably, Mrs. Scott’s favorite item is the Blue Springs Manor salad. This is a ‘must try item’ based on their many years of experience.

Snapper Grabbers - Land & Sea - Vestavia
via BBJ

Subject to change, the menu sometimes feature specials like a meatloaf sandwich, and will continue to evolve based on demand. In case you were wondering, all meats are antibiotic-free and growth-hormone-free.  We like that.

The Vestavia Seafood Truck

Did you know Snapper Grabbers has a food truck?  How could you miss the big blue bus rolling down the streets of Birmingham?

Snapper Grabbers - Land & Sea - Vestavia
via StyleBlue Print

The new venture for the Scott’s has proved a bit difficult, at first, for the truck’s distribution. While the food truck is a great source of mobile distribution, they have had to temporarily move that staff to the cafe to support the Land & Sea expansion.

No worries, though! These things work themselves out, and the announcement exclaimed they will either hire additional staff or close down the food truck.

Image result for it will be okay food gif

Land & Sea is the perfect fit for Snapper Grabbers, in so many ways. Through the offerings of fresh meats, and even Snapper Grabbers cooking classes, locals will have many options.

Maybe it’s because they are planning on private wine tastings, and other events in the space as well, but that’s between us 😉

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