Bluff Park to host Linger Longer Brews, Yellow Door Market, and an education center!

Amongst rumors, Lyn Culwell and Don Bennett have spilled the beans on the newest business coming to Bluff Park – Linger Longer Brews and Yellow Door Market.

Check out all the details here!

Linger Longer Brews and Yellow Door Market in Bluff Park
via Sarah Finnegan – Lyn CulWell (left) and Don Bennett (right) pose in front of their soon to open Coffee and Gift shop in Bluff Park!

Announced by the Hoover Sun, Bennett and Culwell, his fiancée and partner in the business venture, are pumped to offer a new hangout in Bluff Park.

The coffee house’s name conveys the reason for its location. Linger Longer Brews is in the place of a local historic charm; formally known as the Linger Longer Lodge.

Also, the owners want you to be comfortable, kick up your feet, and stay awhile.

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Located behind On a Shoestring and across the street from Tip Top Grill, this could not be a better spot.

Linger Longer Brews

“Bluff Park is like a gem on Shades Mountain, and we want to complement what’s already here, not change it or compete with it.

We want to serve the community and we feel like the community really needs a place to hang out with good Wi-Fi, good coffee and good teas.”

– Bennett exclaimed

Correspondingly, the coffee house will offer normal amenities such as indoor and outdoor seating with walk-up service. The Bluff Park Sunset is sited to be an extra one that you won’t want to miss out on.

Linger Longer Brews, Yellow Door Market at Bluff Park
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Next Door – Yellow Door Market

Second, a market will be next door to the relaxing coffee spot. It is cited as “divinely appointed” for the couple!

“I’ve wanted a gift shop ever since I was a kid and now it can be a way to serve the community.”

– Culwell  proclaimed

In the announcement, she said the store will host items for women, men, and children. Community input for items is also welcome!

Bluff Park

But wait, there will also be a tutoring center behind the two businesses, run by Bennett’s sister, Tara; a retired Hoover teacher.

This is the way the couple will give back to the community.

Finally, the couple has big plans for this community addition; green Space for food trucks, a parking lot, and even a dog park are in the overall idea.

Bennet and Culwell’s desire is to have the community relax and commune together, as neighbors!

So, amongst rumors of other developments, we are excited to help spread the word about the exciting new addition(s) to the ever up and coming Bluff Park area.

Currently, the plans are to open later this summer!

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