Hero Doughnuts will soon settle in an iconic Homewood establishment

Homewood, you are in need of a hero, but not just any hero, a sweet, warm, and fluffy one with all the delicious toppings.

Okay, a bit much, but how else could we express our excitement about Hero Doughnuts establishing its first Brick & Mortar in your growing downtown!

Hero Doughnuts in Homewood
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Since the beginning of 2016, Wil Drake and his partner Jason Wallis have engulfed themselves in the love for doughnuts and cooking with Hero Doughnuts.

The two began as a pop-up shop on March 12th, 2016, at Seasick Records in Crestwood (according to an Alabama Newscenter article), and traveled around the city waiting to find a place to settle.

Hero Doughnuts in Homewood Wil Drake
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Since, Drake and Wallis have gather quite the following. The brioche style dough and, when ever possible, locally sourced ingredients allows them to stand out among the rest.

Accordingly, the high demand for these doughnut entrepreneurs, and their tasty treats, have landed them in Homewood’s growing city.

They could not be more excited!

Hero Doughnuts in Homewood
via Hero Doughnuts

 “Homewood is a great fit for us, due the community it has built over the years.

It’s a walkable community with a fantastic park and most importantly, incredible people.

We hope to become as integral a part of the community as Homewood Musical Instruments has, just in a different type of business.”

– Jason and Wil exclaimed to Bham Now

As mentioned, they will settle in the former Homewood Musical Instruments building at 3207 Central Ave. The rare opportunity, sited by the two, was something they could not pass up.

Consequently, through a few relationships, the two were able to nail the location down!

“They felt we were a good fit for the legacy they want to continue to build in Homewood.”

Hero Doughnuts in Homewood
via Hero Doughnuts
Hero Doughnuts Expansion

Moreover, the established location will not only allow them to plug into a community, but expand even further.

“We have plans of immediate expansion into a kitchen that suits our needs.

This new space will allow us to have daily operation as well to continue our relationships with Pepper Place market, and other pop up events around Birmingham.

It will be come our central production hub.

Finally, the timeline for a finished renovation of the space is not set. As mentioned by the two, their hope is to have a grand opening by mid to late summer (2017).

Stay tuned for more on the Grand Opening!

Another pop-up has finally settled in one of the most popular area of Birmingham – Big Spoon Creamery! 

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