Founder of Cool House Systems, Sonny Pickett, aims to solve the stress of incremental innovation in the lighting industry

Lighting may be one of the most taken for granted products in America. Whether manual switches, or automatic sensors, this product continues to innovate and become less noticeable, but quite expensive.

Cool House Systems, founded by Sonny Pickett, has created an innovative product to combat the major expense of reinstallation.

Sonny Pickett, Lumation presenting at 1MillionCupsBHM
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Presumably, the expense to businesses of installing new lighting systems can be quite steep. In the same way, the process can be easily fixed through technological innovation.

Cool House Systems Product- Lumation

There are a few applications, Pickett says, are the most realistic for this product.

  • Smart City

In fact, the technology is used to adjust the intensity, or certain color transitions within a park scene.

  • Wearables for Elderly Care

Imagine a patient in a nursing home needing to use the restroom in the middle of the night. Instead of flipping a switch, the wearable device will light the way.

“The key design element here is that I have completely decoupled the user interface from the engine.

That gives us the ability to create vertical specific versions of the product and also the ability to do things like private label agreements with OEM’s and international versions released without ever touching the core code of the system.

In other words, this system gives the ability to innovate without the hassle of a complete overhaul.

Accordingly, the full featured product includes everything from user connectivity to maintenance to “smarter lighting” which reports it’s own maintenance.

Current Progress

Furthermore, the connections Pickett has established within the industry will serve him well as he progresses. Through the development of his company Cool House Systems, he truly has a refined understanding.

Moreover, here are the next steps for Cool House System’s product, Lumation.

  • Target Pilot Installations: Late Summer
  • Initial Targets: Hospitality and Welcome/Event centers and Restaurants
  • Preliminary discussions with several partners
  • Move to startup or stay internal: Fall Decision

Lumation, through Cool House Systems aims to make an everyday accessory more integrated into our daily lives. Presumably, this solution to incremental innovation is one that is applicable in many ways.

Finally, if you know how to help Mr. Pickett in his innovative quest, contact him here!

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