Coca-Cola UNITED closes on major Atlanta acquisition

In December of 2015, Birmingham based Coca-Cola United signed letters of intent to re-franchise the Atlanta distribution territory.

Accordingly, the transaction recently closed and the Birmingham Coca-Cola United headquarters will now operate facilities in the neighboring state.

Birmingham Coca-Cola United plant
via Coca-Cola United

Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED, Inc. is the third largest bottler of Coke products, in the U.S., and the largest in North America.  Since 1902, the Birmingham headquarters have engaged in production, marketing, and distribution of the iconic drink.

This acquisition provides UNITED with 7 more territories in Georgia. The facilities bought include distribution & production facilities.

Coca-Cola UNITED
via Coca-Cola UNITED

“It’s both humbling and a tremendous opportunity to be the local bottler in the hometown of The Coca-Cola Company, and we take this new responsibility very seriously.

We have extremely talented and experienced sales and production teams here in Atlanta, and I am impressed with their dedication to our local customers and communities.”

– Mike Suco, VP of the East Region for Coca-Cola UNITED, exclaimed in the release.

The acquisition will continue Coca-Cola UNITED’s expansion adding 10% to its labor force in Atlanta.
  • 2,000 new associates
  • 200 new jobs
Coca-Cola UNITED
via Coca-Cola UNITED

A UNITED capital investment of $25 million will provide new equipment, facilities, and a delivery fleet in Atlanta. In addition, UNITED plans another $100 million in local capital investments in Atlanta during the next few years.

“The Atlanta Coca-Cola team is excited to be joining the Coca-Cola UNITED family.

UNITED’s local operating model is built on relationships, the highest levels of customer service, and community engagement.

Atlanta Coca-Cola is ready to deliver!”

– Victor Ragland, Atlanta division director

This Birmingham based partner of The Coca-Cola Company will soon operate in 52 territories, across 7 Southeastern states, and employ about 10,000 associates.

Coca-Cola United
via Coca-Cola United

Acquisitions of this size spell confidence for the corporate giant and  reinforce Birmingham’s ability to host and grow successful companies.

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