National healthcare company pours capital investment into Birmingham expansion

The Instrument Management Service, STERIS/IMS, is expanding operations and creating 22 more jobs within the City of Birmingham.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, STERIS/IMS poured a capital investment of about $1.6 million in the expansion.

STERIS Healthcare Workers

According to a recent press release, the branch located in the Magic City, established in 2014, handles the global specialty services of STERIS.


Controls a mix of innovative capital equipment management systems, along with solutions for operating room integration.

They are a leader in infection prevention, decontamination, gastrointestinal and procedural products and services.

 “We are again pleased to continue to invest within the City of Birmingham, with expanded capabilities to better serve our Customers.

The City of Birmingham and Jefferson County are working hard to create an environment that is conducive to economic prosperity for its citizens and businesses. We would not have made the decision to make further investments within the City if we did not agree.”

– Walt Rosebrough, STERIS CEO, exclaimed

At this point, the company has leased the building at 3301 First Avenue North, near the original Birmingham STERIS campus.

Job Creation Details:
  • Manufacturing and Repair center
  • Distribution & Support functions

Accordingly, STERIS/IMS creates medical devices such as sterile surgical packs, drapes, gowns, and related accessories.

All things considered, Birmingham continues to grow through the health care industry. The B2B operations, from UAB research to medical tech companies, are proving to fit in quite well in our growing city.

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Mayor Bell commented saying –

“The City of Birmingham is excited to work with STERIS/IMS on another great project that will benefit Birmingham with good-paying jobs.

More and more, health care companies like STERIS are finding that manufacturing and research and development intersect right here in Birmingham and the rewards are great for our community.”

In fact, about 100 jobs have been created and $8 million invested within our area since STERIS purchased IMS. The national healthcare business employs more than 12,000 workers worldwide.

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