Big Spoon Creamery settles in Avondale, Birmingham reaffirmed as small business hub

Avondale continues to prove its truly revitalizing by providing Birmingham with a unique atmosphere and impeccable eating.

The tight knit community will soon receive a Bham food truck favorite turned Brick and Mortar – Big Spoon Creamery.

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The husband and wife team, Ryan & Geri-Martha O’Hara, have been growing their passion for the food business since working at Bottega. From Bottega, Geri-Martha as a pastry chef and Ryan a sous chef, they then started selling ice cream from what they called, “a lemonade stand, but with craft ice cream.”

According to, success followed the couple through a neighborhood pop-up in Bluff Park, to a food cart, food truck, and finally a Brick-and-Mortar inside MAKEbhm.

“We’re excited to come to Avondale in general because we felt like there’s a buzz about Avondale and a certain energy here…

But the MAKEbhm building in particular was a perfect fit for us because there are a lot of like-minded people — makers and creative types — in this building.”

– Mr. O’Hera told

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Location Details:

Operating within MAKEbhm is one heck of an opportunity for the O’Hara’s and their creamery. The upgrade has allowed for an expansion of their product line as well as double the amount of production and employees.

  • 1,400 sq. feet of space
  • Kitchen
  • Retail Shop

Looking to spend time out of the sun and enjoy some ice cream? Do so inside the creamery and watch the magic being whipped up before your very eyes.

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Big Spoon Creamery

Like most businesses in Birmingham, they hold onto the notion of “keep it local” as an indication of the Creamery’s passion for our city.

Accordingly, many ingredients are locally sourced. Such as mint from Terra Preta Farm, Strawberries from Cullman, and goat cheese from Stone Hollow Farmstead.

Big Spoon Creamery Menu!

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Presently, there’s an immense amount of support for local business in Birmingham. Entrepreneurs from all scopes of industry (ice cream to technology) have a home in the Magic City.

No doubt, like the O’Hara’s, many find support in the revitalizing areas, such as Avondale. The other side of the city and in Downtown, the techies have their own “eco-system”; drawing energy from each other to succeed.

Continue paying close attention to details of Birmingham’s growth, you will likely find something to celebrate.
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