The Waites newest retail tenant announced – Club Pilates

One of Birmingham’s newest residential developments (which is a mixed-use project by the way) is happy to announce its newest retail tenant – Club Pilates!

Studio Bridge1 The Waites newest retail tenant announced - Club Pilates
Provided by Katie Beck

The Waites is excited to introduce Club Pilates’ third location in Birmingham, located just down the way from UAB and 20 Midtown!

According to a recent press release, the franchise stems from Los Angeles-bases fitness brand.

Logo for Club Pilates
Provided by Katie Beck

“Our goal is to make Pilates affordable and accessible to everyone…

We can’t wait to bring the Club Pilates technique to the downtown Birmingham community.”

– Lindsay Booker, Bham franchise owner

In fact, if you’re looking to dive into this particular fitness culture in Southside, the Club is not just for residence of The Waites.

Looking for a Pilates group?
Provided by Katie Beck

From here on, those who become members with the “unlimited class package” will have access to all studios world wide.

Club Pilates Details and all Locations are Equipped with…
  • EXO Chairs
  • Springboards
  • TRX and Barre classes

Accordingly, the moto and mission for the company is “Do Pilates. Do Life”.

By and large, there are 40 classes, 7 days a week for all ages and fitness levels.
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