1MillionCupsBham Presentation – “Beta School” – expanded Education

Laura Shaffer, co-director of Startup Grind Birmingham and local entrepreneur, has teamed up with her husband Bay Shaffer to create a sort of “uber for schooling” and education.

Laura Shaffer presents Beta School
Laura Shaffer presents her take on how children can learn outside of the traditional school system!

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Beta School was spawned from the problem Mrs. Shaffer’s mother experienced.

With a passion for education, she created lesson plans for elementary kids, but didn’t know how to convert physical lessons to digital and then sell them.

With every entrepreneur, there is a problem that proceeds them. For Laura Shaffer, there are a few problems with traditional education.

What is Beta School

“We hope to have an innovative learning track…

For each students style of learning, they can choose their own courses that fit into how they learn and make them want to learn more.

We will also provide fundraising for lower income schools.”

– Shaffer

Apart from simply learning and education, there will be meet-up’s and clubs to bring students together!

These will focus on…
  • Art
  • Music
  • Physical Education

The above subjects can be difficult for parents to teach their child.

Revenue Model:

Membership Tiers:
Free Trial
  • Access to 5 lesson plans
  • AI assistance
  • Access to the community and course forums
Part Time – $99/month
  • Unlimited access to education lesson plans
  • AI assistance
  • Access to community and course forums
  • Parent monitoring
Full Time – $249/month
  • Unlimited access to lesson plans
  • Track Building (to build out courses and keep track of the whole semester/year)
  • Early access to local classes
  • AI assistance
  • Offline learning
  • Access to community
  • Parent monitoring
The Current Plan

Are you an educator, parent, or someone interested in Laura Shaffer’s idea?

Give some feed back!

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