2nd floor of the Pizitz to host Forge – Birmingham’s newest co-working space

The Pizitz, a newly found place to hangout, eat, drink, and be merry. Not only is it attracting the everyday consumer, but there is abundant space for commercial use as well.

Did you know the 2nd floor, mezzanine, will feature Forge, a new co-working space for small businesses?

IMG 0747 2nd floor of the Pizitz to host Forge - Birmingham's newest co-working space
Photo by Wade Cline

Speaking with Kim Lee, founder of Forge, with a back ground in business development, service, and counseling, she gave Bham Now some pretty exciting news concerning the 2nd floor of the Pizitz.

“Forge is a membership based coworking space providing open workspace, private offices, meeting space and a vibrant community for its members. “

For the small business owner to have a sense of community. Like the Innovation Depot, Forge is geared toward collaborative work, but not specifically geared toward technology.

“Forge” Details:
  • Currently 6,000 total Sq. Ft.

There are 4 sides to the mezzanine, wrapping all the way around the building.

Lee will be operating in the first 2 sides and hopefully soon there after, begin leasing out the last 2 sides; expanding the space to 13,000 sq. ft.

  • Private Offices
  • Open floor space – for collaborative work
  • Table tops, looking outside of the Pizitz

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  • Reserve meeting rooms
  • Mail retrieval center
  • Fitness Center access
  • Sauna and rooftop pool access
  • Group Health Care package

“The further I pressed forward with bringing this concept to Birmingham the clearer it became that this is a huge gap that will greatly enhance the entrepreneurial and small business community that is growing here in Birmingham.”

– Lee

IMG 0739 2nd floor of the Pizitz to host Forge - Birmingham's newest co-working space
The Pizitz is in the middle of the “downtown buzz” – photo by Wade Cline

Mentioning that the Pizitz is the “center of Birmingham’s growing Innovation District”, Mrs. Lee also points out the adventurous spirit and “in the middle of dowtown buzz” as to why she looked toward the Pizitz for her co-working space.

“Forge is the perfect place for entrepreneurs, small business owners and independent workers who are currently working from home, looking for community.”

– Kim Lee

IMG 0734 2nd floor of the Pizitz to host Forge - Birmingham's newest co-working space
Photo by Wade Cline


Construction on Forge is scheduled for April. As of now, as you can see in the pictures above, gutting the space and cleaning it up is currently on the agenda.

The number of spaces is limited – reach out to Kim Lee and Forge here on the website for leasing details.

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