Bham Now Pizitz Food Hall takeover

The Bham Now team took over the Pizitz Food Hall this Wednesday. Trying a different restaurant to get a feel for the authenticity that revolves around the Pizitz Food Hall, each producer has provided a unique review.

Here are our reviews:
Pizitz Food Hall - Bham Now team
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Cindy Martin
  • Restaurant: Choza Taqueria
  • Item: Taco and Taqueria Bowl
  • Price: $14.30

“Channeling a beachside hut in northern Mexico, this taqueria with a sister restaurant in Gotham West Market in New York City will feature fresh dishes including tacos, burritos, bowls and salads.”

– Choza Taqueria website

I was told that they were out of tamales but that they would offer me a chicken bowl as a substitute. I added a little hot sauce to my taco and then dug in. The taco had a nice bar-b-que flavor, which should be popular in Birmingham. The chicken bowl was really delicious with shredded chicken, vegetables and sticky rice.
Birmingham AL
via Kristina O’Quinn

My overall experience was really good! As a side note, I do wish they offered reusable plates instead of plastic (I didn’t ask but should have) and I would have liked faster wifi.

When I was leaving, I noticed the lovely, much quieter patio which would have made a perfect spot for our meeting on a such a warm spring evening.

Hunter Holland
  • Restaurant: Ono Poké, a Hawaiian-Asian fusion spot.
  • Item: Crunch Bowl with Ahi tuna on white rice with a Coke to drink.
  • Price: $12.93
Birmingham AL
via Kristina O’Quinn

A first-timer at Pizitz Food Hall, I had no idea what to do and the nice guys at Ono Poké walked me through the ordering process (aka, I ate what they suggested and loved it). I ordered and got my food in, what felt like, 2 minutes. I was kind of nervous that it wouldn’t be enough food, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much was packed into the 10oz bowl and had leftovers.

Victoria Lewis
  • Restaurant: Waffle Works
  • Item: Conecuh Sausage Waffle on a Stick & a Lemonade
  • Price $9.75
Birmingham AL
via Kristina O’Quinn

I may be biased because I have been wanting one of these bad boys since the Pizitz Food Hall Grand Opening. The Conecuh Sausage Waffle on a Stick was all I wanted and more. It gave me that salty sweet taste I was craving with a fun carnival concept I didn’t know I wanted. They also provided a small side of syrup for my dipping delight. It definitely tied the whole meal together. After this yummy taste test, it’s easy to say that this IS the place where soul food meets waffles.

Kristina O’Quinn
  • Restaurant: IMOTO
  • Item: 1 ramen bowl and a lychee ramune drink
  • Price: $18.98 (tax and tip included)
Ichicoro Imoto is Japanese for “little sister.”  The company has another location in Tampa at a 43-acre renovation project called “The Heights.”
Birmingham AL
via Kristina O’Quinn
The fairly large bowl of Shoyu ramen was packed with smoked pork belly, boiled egg, bamboo shoots and roasted scallions. The noodles had a hearty texture, cooked al dente. The beef broth was a bit weak, but okay so as to not overpower the flavors of the fillings.
Nearly twenty dollars is a bit much to drop on a noodle bowl, but the overall quality was very good.
Jennifer Daniel
  • Restaurant: Busy Corner Cheese and Provisions
  • Item: Vermonter – a grilled cheese made with Cabot Clothbound and Granny Smith apples on sourdough bread
  • Price: $9
Busy Corner Cheese and Provisions is a retail cheese shop that also features a small menu. On his website, Brian McMillan, the owner, said that he wants to bring the finest cheese and specialty food to his adopted home of Birmingham.
Birmingham AL
via Kristina O’Quinn
My experience was inviting, as I was able to shop while I waited on my order. The staff was friendly and helpful, and the drink selection was a nice touch, offering a variety of glass-bottled sodas and other fun beverages.
Liz Brody

I got the vegetarian plate which features some classic Israeli salads, including Israeli Salad, as well as red cabbage, pilaf, ptitim (pearl couscous), tabbouleh, hommos, baba ganoush, some herbed falafel, sauces (though, no harissa, but that’s a problem for later), and a loaf of thick, Israeli style pita (no pockets, more sponge-y goodness). For an extra $1.99, you get Mediterranean olives marinated in something delicious, and plenty of Levant pickles to share with friends. It’s a lot of pickles.

Birmingham AL
via Kristina O’Quinn

The best way to do Eli’s is to get a friend, two different plates, and eat traditional mezze style with a beer. This is the best pita in Birmingham, trust me on that. It’s best fresh from the oven at the main location on 280, but even at room-temp, treat yourself to a loaf and some baba ganoush, and be sure to say, “taim!” to Eli if you see him.

Pat Byington
  • Restaurant: Ghion Cultural Hall
  • Item: Ye Beg Alicha – A tender lamb stew cooked with curry powder and other exotic spices
  • Price: $15

The last time  I had eaten Ethiopian food was 20 years ago in Washington, D.C.  I loved it then and I did tonight.  I especially liked eating with my hands, with the sponge-like bread injera.  The entree I ordered was a mild curry and lamb dish.  The lamb was immersed in the curry, which was not to heavy, and it was delightful.  I especially liked soaking up the curry with the injera.

I also liked the atmosphere inside Ghion, which was calm and soothing.  A good place to sit down with friends and take in the smells and the new adventure – eating with your hands.

Birmingham AL
via Kristina O’Quinn
Wade Cline
  • Restaurant: Tropicaleo
  • Item: Cubano – “Fan Favorite” $10
  • Price: $15.43 (total meal)

Fun fact – Tropicaleo was the first restaurant to announce a lease within the Pizitz Food Hall and it was the first restaurant chosen for the Reveal Kitchen!

Honestly, even with the vast amount of promotion I have been giving the Pizitz, this was my first time eating there. To say the least, Tropicaleo was my perfect first pick. Of course I go with the “fan favorite” dish, the Cubano. A delicious sandwich mixed with pulled pork, provolone, pickles, mustard, and the unique house sauce.

Birmingham AL
via Kristina O’Quinn

Following suit of being a southerner, the pulled pork and house sauce were my favorite parts. If you’re looking for an easy dish to devour and wish you had more, this is for you.

Come on, if you’ve been to the Pizitz Food Hall let our community hear about your experience!

If you have’t been, well, get there. You won’t regret it 😉

Wade Cline
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