National Firm eyes Downtown Bham for Fast, Reliable, Wireless Internet Capability

A major step in Birmingham’s economic development will soon stand tall in the Magic City.

Windstream will be setting up a large antenna on top of the Forum building at the BJCC which will provide wireless internet services to all in its path.

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According to the BBJ, the encrypted broadband internet connection takes away the risks associated with traditional “on the ground” fiber networks.

“It has very, very fast deployment potential. If someone is moving to town, it can be brought in.

The key benefits are the speed it can be deployed as well as the diversity of it.”

– Greg Jenkins, the representative sales person for Windstream, proclaimed to the BBJ

As of now, one Birmingham law firm has signed up for the package and more are expected to be flocking to the exciting innovation.

Mr. Jenkins also exclaimed that Windstream will be looking toward Over the Mountain areas for its next project in Bham.

A major six figure investment, as reported, was put down to establish the network in our growing city. This is a huge step toward Birmingham becoming a “smart” city.

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