Redemptive Cycles Yoga classes on Mondays

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Today and every Monday Redemptive Cycles Yoga hosts a yoga class at 6:30 P.M. with a revolving teacher roster. This Monday, Sally Mander, will lead the class through 60 minute Vinyasa Flow practice. The class is friendly for everyone from beginner to advanced. Make sure to bring water. Mats are provided if you don’t have one so no worries on that. AND it only costs $5, that’s a steal! Yoga is excellent cross training whether you bike or not, and will provide many benefits beyond making you a better rider.

Benefits of yoga for cyclists (and non-cyclists)

One of the major benefits of a regular yoga practice is improved strength and endurance. Areas like the back, core, and upper body can often be underdeveloped in cyclists.

Yoga increases flexibility and makes your body more mobile. Cyclists tend to have tight hips and hamstrings in particular, but can also suffer from tight backs.

Some of the non-physical aspects of yoga, such as mental focus and breathing, can be just as important to cyclists. Cyclists can better maintain the pressure during high intense workouts and races.

For more information on benefits, visit USA Cycling.

Not only are all of these aspects great for cyclists, but it still pertains to any person who wants to get into yoga as well. Yoga is fun, challenging, and an awesome way to get your body active (Especially if you’re not into high-cardio runs and such.)

Meet with Redemptive Cycles Yoga and remember class starts promptly so if you attend, arrive five minutes early or so. If not this week, make next week your week to try it out.

Location: 1305 2nd Ave N.

Visit their site for more information.

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