Birmingham’s Matthew Ingram and his new technology with FitChalk

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Birmingham entrepreneur, Matthew Ingram, has launched an app (social network) to bring together gym owners, trainers, and athletes.

FitChalk is a new technology which “simplifies everything needed to run a gym.

Photo via Matthew Ingram

Matthew Ingram told Bham Now about the company’s new innovative “network”.

“We are thrilled to unveil details today about FitChalk, which we truly believe is the beginning of an innovation for the fitness industry.

We aim to provide every ‘box’ and gym owner with modern, simple-to-use technology that seamlessly connects every athlete at their gym.

It will create an ecosystem for sustainability and growth, help gym athletes achieve goals, and will also allow owners to spend more time with their athletes rather than on back-end management tasks.”

via Matthew Ingram

Helping the everyday gym goer achieve their goals and create accountability among their network(s) is the key to success of his new technology.

“I’ve taken a leap to become an entrepreneur because I enjoy helping people solve problems.

I saw an opportunity that aligned with my passion for fitness and felt very strongly this was the right path for me.

The people we are serving built their businesses around helping others reach for their fullest potential, so the opportunity to provide a similar service to those same people is very meaningful to me.”

via Matthew Ingram
  • Hill County CrossFit (Boerne, TX)
  • Green Tree SportsPlex (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Upper Park CrossFit (Chico, CA)

The announcement of Birmingham area gyms will go out later this month, according to Ingram.

For more information visit the website here!

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