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Get ready to cut a rug with FOOTMAD, the Birmingham Friends of Old-Time Music and Dance. On Saturday March 11, at 7 P.M., the dance will be in the gym at the Birmingham YWCA. The live band performing for the dance is the Red Mountain Yellowhammers formerly the Red Mountain White Trash with caller Jef Hodge.  And the party doesn’t stop until 10:30 P.M.

The three main types of dancing FOOTMAD primarily does is contra dancing, square dancing and waltzes. No one has to be a square dance gold medalist or waltz connoisseur, as long as you can tap your foot to good music or walk and listen then you can do all of the dances with FOOTMAD.  If you find trouble catching on to the movements, the experienced dancers are also there to help you out and get you across the dance floor in style.

What is contra dancing?

Contra is traditional New England folk dancing. Contra dancing dates back to the Revolutionary times. Based on French and English country dancing, they combined it with their own twist and created contra dancing.

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It’s a social dance similar to square dancing which has retained its simple, open, community-oriented spirit. Basically, it’s an everybody thing for anyone who wants to dance and have a good time.
Square dance and waltz
Square dances consist of four-couple squares. FOOTMAD squares differ from most modern square dancing because they do it to live music, don’t require lessons or uniforms, and tend to stick to more traditional dance forms.

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There usually one waltz dance right before the break and as the last dance of the evening. If you don’t know how to waltz, experienced leaders can help you learn how to do the elegant couple dance.

Results of dancing with FOOTMAD?

  • It’s a great source of exercise. It keeps your body moving from start to finish, with the occasional end-of-song breaks.
  • You get to meet and join in with people of all ages and lifestyles.
  • You use cool dance moves like “swing your partner” and “do-si-do.”
  • Dancers switch partners and mix and match.


  • $10 – ages 18+
  • $8 – college students
  • $4 – children aged 13-18
  • FREE for children 12 and under

Newcomers receive a coupon to attend their next dance for free! Visit their website for more information.

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