1MillionCupsBham Presentation – “Wyndy”

This mobile app allows parents to easily find babysitters in the surrounding areas, while making it easy for babysitters to find the perfect client.

IMG 1351 1MillionCupsBham Presentation - "Wyndy"
Tommy Mayfield presents Wyndy to 1MillionCups Birmingham – Photo by Wade Cline

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Tommy Mayfield, the Founder/CEO of Wyndy and former attorney at Maynard Cooper and Gale, and his wife Ginger found it difficult to find babysitters to work around their hectic schedules.

Many entrepreneurial journeys begin by looking for solutions to personal problems. The Mayfields set out to build a solution to the problems that they, and lots of their friends with children, face when it comes to finding, booking, and paying sitters.

First, lets discover the main issues:

The solution – Wyndy

“A mobile app that will transform the way that parents and college babysitters meet and interact.

Making finding, booking, and paying for babysitting jobs simple. “

How it Works:

Upcoming Features:
  • Wyndy Live – “Uber for Babysitting (for real)”

The feature would allow for on demand calls.

  • Personal Wyndys

If you already have sitters, who are not in college (on the app), the feature would allow for easier booking and paying.

Revenue Model:

For each transaction, the parent is charged 14% of the total payment to the babysitter.

The Mayfields participated in the first pitch round of Alabama Launchpad today (Feb. 24th) and advanced to the finale event along with four other Alabama-based companies.

They will pitch again at the finale event in Mobile on April 27, 2017.

Video provided by Wyndy!

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