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In terms of consumers who buy products to help them with movement, there are three main types, the Athlete, the Elderly, and the Handicap.

Forrest Satterfield’s company, Satterfield Technologies, wants to help those (above) looking for external limb attachments or prosthetic’s and find them cheaper and more efficiently.

IMG 0983 1MillionCupsBham Presentation - "Satterfield Technologies"
Forrest Satterfield, a Senior Biomedical major and Entrepreneurship minor at UAB has been working on his company since freshmen year in college. Photo by Wade Cline

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The Problem:

The Athlete, Elderly, and Handicap are looking for products that are quite different.

One is for protection during games, and the other two are for helping with everyday activities.

The commonality?
  • Costs can be high – especially with amputies
  • Comfort level can be low
  • Desirability, in terms of functionality, is hard to find

The Solution:

A three part solution of course…

  • 3D Printed Limb(s)/Brace(s)
  • 3 Universal Motors
  • Universal Sensors

Current Progress:

Believe it or not, Forrest has been able to use an Xbox One so to scan the limb and then produce a 3D model of the brace/prosthetic.

“We are currently waiting on our 3D printer to come in the mail.”

– Forrest

Let’s Talk Money/Revenue Model:

How the Motor Works:

As mentioned, the most expensive but potentially necessary part to the 3D Brace/Prosthetic is the motor.

But necessity is the key…

In terms of Acquiring the Brace/Prosthetic – 2 ways:

“You have those kind of devices (such as a Dr. Scholl’s machine) where you go into a Dick Sporting Goods, you get your scan, and then it sends it off to us, we then 3D print it and send it off to you…”


Your physical therapist, maybe during an injury at a sporting event (for instance), will scan the limb, send it to Satterfield Technologies, they will then assemble the product, and send it back.

IMG 0987 1MillionCupsBham Presentation - "Satterfield Technologies"
Photo by Wade Cline

This also requires the receiving end (the therapist) to have the motors and sensors on site to do final assembly on the patient.

Talk about an innovation!

Forrest aims to drive costs down for the consumer, while increasing efficiency and desirability for the final consumer.

Many times it’s not all about making the money. Forrest exclaimed that he is passionate about the biomedical field and simply wants to help those who have trouble moving around.

Maybe something we all take for granted.

If you are interested in helping Forrest Satterfield achieve his goal of improving movement for these everyday people, contact him on Linkedin, and/or Facebook.

IMG 0982 1MillionCupsBham Presentation - "Satterfield Technologies"
Photo by Wade Cline
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