Atomic Bar and Lounge opens Today at 4:00!

One does not fully grasp the concept of Atomic Bar and Lounge by just reading this post, but let me try to give you a little taste.

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Imagine drinking a cocktail on the set of Mad Men, or sitting down with the Brady Bunch.

Owners Rachael Roberts and her husband Feizal Valli want to give the Birmingham community something they have never experience before at a bar in the ‘Ham.

Talking with Feizal, he told me the atmosphere “doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

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A very easy going feel encapsulates the unique hangout. Photo by

Many bars in town follow suit with each other, priding themselves on their drinks and community, but Atomic is adding much more.

Not only is there liquor behind the bar, but a closet full of funky costumes that customers can wear to add a bit more to the mix.

“You go to a bar to meet new people, and we think this is a great way to sort of break the ice.”

– Feizal told BhamNow

Coming in March is the opening of their kitchen where you can enjoy shareable’s sure to make you say “mmmmmm, more please”.

What the Owners want you to know

This is a personal thing for the couple.

They met at The Collins Bar while Feizal was bar tending; he helped open up the famous bar by the way.

Not only does their experience give them the perfect in with the bar scene, but the care they are putting into the operation is something to talk about.

A “mom and pop operation” is how Feizal referred to his feelings of owning his own bar.

Why Birmingham is the perfect spot…

Growing up in New Orleans, Feizal found his bar tending skills on Bourbon Street. He then met with his neighbor, who was from the Magic City, who told him to leave New Orleans and never come back.

“Once in Birmingham, there was no question as to why I would ever go back to New Orleans.”

– Feizal

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Feizal grew up and found his bar tending skills in New Orleans, but moved to Birmingham the moment he stepped foot in the Magic City. Photo by

Right after settling in Birmingham, Frank Stitt hired him at Highland Bar and Grill. He very quickly realized how amazing the food/bar scene was in the city.

This, along with working in the Bham bar culture for about 4 years, has certainly given him quite the affinity for this sort of thing.

Rachael and Robert then met…

When meeting his wife, they soon married in Vegas where they dressed up in Elvis style attire.

This explains their infatuation with integrating costumes and a bar.

Wanting to make it inviting, fun and unforgettable, Rachael and Feizal have set up the Atomic Bar and Lounge so you always have something to talk about.

Opening up later this afternoon, they will be there to share their world with you.
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