Two Hotels soon to touch down on 280

Ole 280. Gotta love the history of traffic and frustration that follows the heavily used area of Birmingham.

One thing is for sure, there is never a dull moment down by 459, and it is about to get a lot more fun 😉

The Colonnade is one of the most popular areas off of 280, beside the Summit.

So I realize how weird it is to compare HWY 280 to being fun, but let me explain.

A developer from Georgia has set the sights on property between the Colonnade and 459 for the spot of two new hotels.

Now, what comes with new hotels? Well the potential for more people to visit Birmingham of course!

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Yes, traffic is sometimes bad on 280, but the potential for value is continuously present.

The more accessible Bham becomes for our visitors, the more inviting we seem. This will bring more business, value, and events into our city, ultimately adding economic value (fun).

By reading my content, you know I love the notion of economic value, and this new development will only be beneficial for our city.

Development Details:

The Fairfield Inn is expected to be completed by spring of 2018, and the Hilton will hopefully be constructed by fall of this year.

Following suit of many forward thinking developers in Birmingham, these two hotels will continue our mission to make Bham more inviting and accessible

Wade Cline
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