New ‘Brewery-Style’ Car Wash begins construction on 280

Tattersall Park, a newly revived development led by EBSCO, is soon to add two quite different types of businesses.

The first we reported on was the Next Levl Recreational Park.

Now, we announce to you that Blue Rain Express Car Wash is soon to begin construction on its 2nd location!

Being an all glass building, you can see the process, as Mr. Bailey would say, it’s like a brewery style – Rendering provided by Brad Bailey

The owner Brad Bailey knows that 280 is the perfect place for the 2nd location for Blue Rain Express. The first location is in Pelham.

To make it easy for you hip Birminghamians to understand the attractiveness of this new car wash, Mr. Bailey describes it as…

 “…almost similar to what you’ve been to, maybe a brewery, where you go in and you can see the process.

It’s an all-glass building where you can see the car go through. We’ve got kids that come, and they’ll press their face to the glass to watch the cars go through.”

– Bailey told 280 Living

The first location of this Alabama car wash is in Pelham.
You may be wondering, do kids go to breweries?

Well in fact they do. Cahaba Brewery actually has fun games for the whole family to enjoy, but now I’m just getting off topic.

Brad, who has been living near 280 for some time, understands the market quite well.

The business is not only some sort of “recession-resistant” business (exclaimed by Erica Techo of 280 living) , but he also knows how many locals have to go downtown for a good car wash.

Provided by Brad Bailey, this car wash is sure to keep up with the times with its attractive appeal and efficient manner.
Business/Development Details:
  • Construction will begin very soon!
  • Location – along the intersection of 280/119 behind the Starbucks
  • Wash Packages – prices range from $6 – $18
  • Free Vacuums
  • Monthly Memberships
  • Polish Tunnel – OPTIONAL

Bailey said he also understands the dirty stereotypes that car washes have held. All puns intended.

Image result for walter white car wash
Yes, that is Walter White cleaning a car in the hit Netflix show Breaking Bad. He wasn’t happy to work at such a gross car wash, and we promise this new one-off of 280 will be NOTHING like that one.

“They (EBSCO) embraced our project after looking at it and seeing what we were going to build because car washes in the past, not saying now, but car washes in the past have had a bad stereotype.

…showing the type wash we wanted to build … they were very gracious.”

– Bailey

Tattersall Park is allowing 280 to grow with new developments alongside the Magic City.

A fun video of the process –

For more info on the business, click here!

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