Experts Weigh in on the Possible Redevelopment of Southtown Court

If you have been following along, the debate on redeveloping Southtown Court continues to pick up steam.

Whether for or against, here is what the experts have to say about the benefits redeveloping Southtown would bring to Birmingham.

southtown court planning area Experts Weigh in on the Possible Redevelopment of Southtown Court

The Housing Authority of the Birmingham District (HABD) wants you to know they are thinking about the long term affects of redeveloping, and absolutely taking into account the current residents of Southtown Court.

Development Team:

A development team was assembled, called the Southside Development Company. Check out the details here

In terms of the long game, the HABD believes this redevelopment will push along the goal to have its residence closer to self-sufficiency.

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Michael O’ Lundy, President of the HABD

 The Southtown redevelopment project is a part of a broader plan by HABD to redevelop its public housing properties and at the same time create more avenues for its residents to eventually move out of public housing.

– Brent Godwin, BBJ

They understand the concerns of displacement, therefore are giving assurances that the current residence will absolutely be able to rent one of the newer units.

At the same time, there will be normal market rate housing so to continue the trend of providing more residential space for future tenants.

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Other Details:
  • Increased Green Space
  • Better Traffic & Transportation design
  • Possible Grocery Option

If wondering about funding… The Housing Authority plans on applying for a federal grant to help with the project.

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Expert Opinions:

Following are some of the opinions of those at the forefront of Birmingham real estate redevelopment, development, and renovation projects gathered by the BBJ –

 “This project’s success should help create more growth and access between the Southside, Lakeview, Forest Park and downtown submarkets. This is the kind of positive growth that Birmingham needs.”

– Michael Reilly, associate at J.H. Berry

“It will be exciting to see the redevelopment energy that has been evident near Railroad Park district and CBD expand to the Southtown neighborhood.”

– Tim Blair, Partner at Shannon Waltchack

“It’s a great opportunity to revive an area of Southside that has remained largely untouched. Demand for property in that area will only continue to increase…”

– Lochrane Smith, Red Rock Realty Group Broker

As always, we at Bham Now want to hear your opinions as well, because you are the driving force of the city.

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