Mason Dixon Bakery, Three15, and BarTaco still contenders for Edgewood

“Edgewood is on fire” said Derek Waltchack of Shannon Waltchack Commercial Realty, the leasing agents of the 3 piece redevelopment project.

Due to economic demand, the Edgewood Service Center closed its doors and new tenants are about take over.

Mason Dixon Bakery - Three15 and BarTaco
via Shannon Waltchack

The capability to provide retail, restaurant, and office space in 2017 is quite a valuable asset for our growing city and metro areas.

“We want to find retailers that are as unique as the neighborhood…”

– Michael Murray, Shannon Waltchack, told the Homewood Star in February of 2016

Homewood is one of the hottest areas for new development, especially for restaurants. In a past article, Shannon Waltchack exclaimed how they are looking for 3 new tenants for a retail parcel in Edgewood.

Finally, they have found the three tenants needed to match Edgewood’s uniqueness – located on 1017 Oxmoor Road.

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Mason Dixon Bakery

Edgewood is the second location. The Huntsville based bakery specializes in gluten-free offerings and coffee, of course.

Coming with the new opening, the bakery has announced a breakfast and lunch menu, unlike the original location.


An exercise studio focusing on cycling, barre and free weight exercises. The innovative business combines three workout elements of 15 minute intervals, which gives this tenant it’s name.


The new restaurant will feature dishes such as tacos, rice bowls and rotisserie chicken, with sides of juices and cocktails!

The redevelopment is following a trend of growth within the Homewood area, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.!

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