6.5 acres Rezoned off of Valleydale Rd. for Future Developments

Next to Jefferson State University, the Shelby-Hoover Campus, there is a parcel of land that Hoover wants to upgrade and add value to meet demand within the area.

4670 Valleydale Road (2)
4670 Valleydale Road – Photo by Jon Anderson

In the past, a mobile home park was located on the property. Now, a house, 2 storage buildings, and a mobile home reside there.

“The plan is to demolish the house to make way for the commercial development…”

– Todd Thompson, Rep. of property owner Shelia Vaughn, told the Hoover Sun

Development Details:
  • Convenience Store

According to the Hoover Sun, it will generate 172 vehicles in the morning and 160 in the afternoon

  • Small Strip Shopping Center

It will either be connected to Jeff. State, or simply a cul-de-sac. The first option will be determined by an agreement between the college and land developer.

  • Supposedly NO new traffic light(s) will be issued

…there likely will need to be a left-turn lane for eastbound traffic on Valleydale Road and a deceleration right-turn lane for westbound traffic on Valleydale, and the developer of the property is willing to provide that.”

– Thompson told the Hoover Sun

The convenience store will be closely related to the Greystone Shell Gas Station.
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