2017 Brings New Developments to Vestavia

The fruition and beginning of major projects in Vestavia lead 2016 to a close and will hopefully close out the first quarter of 2017 successfully.

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Photo by the Vestavia Voice

Major 2016 Projects:

Altadena Ridge Neighborhood – Harrison Doyle

Off of Acton road, the old Altadena Valley Country Club property, and soon to be park, neighborhood, and commercial real estate property, is taking shape as houses go up, and land continues shaping.

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This project has been in the works (mainly discussion) for quite some time, and the neighborhood next door had some reservations at first.

None the less, it is taking shape and will soon prove to be a worthy piece of redevelopment for our growing Birmingham.

Patchwork Farms

After clear success of Birmingham’s new Lifetime Fitness some years back, Vestavia saw a great opportunity to expand even more on the massive piece of property, near Altadena.

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Apartments came first, now the newly opened Publix Supermarket is trying to gather traction in the community.

This development was another the community debated with the city council, but upon popular demand for more residential space, it was in Vestavia’s best interest to first go along with the apartments on the side of Cahaba River road…

To plan for the future of Vestavia’s population growth is an aspect that can not be over looked. Be sure to anticipate good eats, and local store fronts soon within Patchwork Farms!

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Projects/Deals to Look Forward to this Year:

Property Development is not the only way a community works toward a better way of life; economic development is along the way as well.


  • New Trash Service Contract
  • Better ways of Dealing with Drainage and Sewage

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“From a new construction standpoint, as far as commercial construction, the last two years have been extraordinary, and if we can continue with what is anticipated for 2017 it’ll be another good year…”

It can’t beat the last two, but it should be a pretty good year.”

– Downes and Cook told the Vestavia Voice

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