“BHM” Takes Aviate Further

Brand awareness continues to be a massive factor in today’s society as we are bombarded by logo after logo.

This Bham company – Aviate – continues to prove its worthiness and wonderful schemes of marketing to turn airport codes into premium travel brands.

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Back in May 2015, Ben Lancaster “re-branded” his game to turn noticeable letters (being airport codes) into a successful business.

At that point, success took the form of 2,000 hats sold out – with 10 city airport codes – for the small company, to now having expanded into 100 cities in 22 states.

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Don’t expect just the hats though 😉

“The airport codes on the hats, they’re always going to be there,” he said.  “[But] we’re currently positioning this company, Aviate, to be a premium travel brand.”

– Lancaster told the Homewood Star

Expanding operations is always going to offer some sort of risk, but Aviate has a plan to travel deeper into the market by offering a wider variety of products.

  • Leather Goods
  • Luggage
  • Headphones
  • Just about anything a travel would use…

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When starting a business in Birmingham, the place becomes apart of your life in more ways than one, but for business, don’t fear stepping out a bit!

For Aviate, “BHM” on hats was a great start, but the rising business, like many started in the Magic City, will take risk to prove its worthiness. Moving into other markets is the route Aviate has to travel so to differentiate its brand.

More products coming soon!


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