To Redevelop or Not? Opinions on Southtown Court’s Future

Another day, another discussion among Birmingham residents about the future of our city.

Due to popular demand, I have pulled together some opinions from locals in regards to the post, Poised for Demolition, the Fate of Southtown is yet to be Decided.

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Naomi Anderegg –

“My thoughts are that the top moral priority is to not displace the people of Southtown, and that to do so would be morally objectionable

…I think that what needs to happen there depends on how the other building projects are doing financially. (Are they making money? Are they full? Is there demand for units where the rent is high enough to justify the building?)”

John Boone –

“Southtown is unsavable in its current condition, the existing structures need to be razed and redeveloped without question.

I think they should go with the plan on the table now, because time is of the essence. If they just pull the trigger now, they could coordinate this with the Five Points revitalization coming in 2017-18. Game changer.”

Annie Marie Lanier-Brown –

“Southtown housing is a part of the history of Birmingham.

I hope that officials from this city, and housing authority carefully review this decision. Once destroyed our history is gone.Im hoping that they do not make the mistakes made, as when they destroyed the terminal station, and “Kiddie land” park.”

Lauren Crandall –

“If you want Southtown preserved it needs to be fixed up. Right now it’s not a very nice thing to look at.

Our city is so beautiful and the residents deserve a home that is just as beautiful.”

Rich Brothers –

“This area needs to be developed and link Lakeview to Five Points.”

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