The Real Estate Boom Downtown – First Ave. North

Revitalization – Ahhh, just the word makes me proud of Birmingham and how far we have come within the last year.

Many districts are thriving, while some are just now making some sort of an appearance. None the less, the Magic City is hoppin’ with new developments.

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If you have been paying attention to our content, you will recognize a constant trend of northern developments from the center of the city and over to the BJCC/Uptown.

Although much of the attention, from developers and journalists, is going toward the further part of town, and even over to the west, 1st. Ave. North is making a real estate boom of it’s own.

Provided by the BBJ, here is a list of 4 projects meant for the historic area:

Furniture Dealer spaces – These show the growing confidence by retailers to move back into the city, where they have not been located before in the past 10 years.

download 1 The Real Estate Boom Downtown - First Ave. North

Founders Station – Condominium units announced by Orchestra Partners in early November. Co-founder John Boone told the BBJ –

“The city’s founders recognized potential in a 19th century railroad valley, and we saw a similar opportunity with these buildings. We want Founders Station to reinvent the original city center.”

  • 860-Space public parking lot
  • 2,000 – 20,000 Sq. Ft. for office space
  • 800 – 4,000 Sq. Ft. of residential
  • 500 – 2,900 Sq. Ft. of Retail

More Details Here

21629274 mmmain The Real Estate Boom Downtown - First Ave. North
Photo By: Orchestra Partners

The Omni’s New Look – Christopher Architecture bought Omni Studio to transform it into high-end apartments and commercial space.

  • 2309 First Avenue North
  • 30 Units
  • 44,000 Sq. Ft. currently with 15,000 more coming
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Photo by: Liesa Cole Photography

Empire Hotel Project – Currently known as the Empire Building, this historic building will be taken over by Marriott and a gourmet restaurant.

  • 1928 First Avenue North
  • 117 Bedrooms
  • Gym
  • Lounge
  • Meeting Space
  • Rooftop Bar

Although a large $27 Million will be put to redevelopment and $18 Million will be charged from Alagasco, this major project will attract attention from all over.

“The restoration of this iconic structure is not only a game-changer for Downtown Birmingham.

With Chris Hastings managing the 5 star restaurant and bar, this development adds to the city’s reputation as a culinary powerhouse. We’re pleased to have one of Alabama’s premier culinary chefs onboard.”

– John Tampa, Empire LLC Rep., told

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Among all the action, developers want to continue the trend of keeping our Magic City appeal and original aesthetic.

By so doing, we stay true to where we have come from, and the city of Birmingham gets to surprise new comers when they truly step foot in the growing downtown scope.

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