Don’t Worry “Over the Mountain” Bham, You’re Growing Too!

Ahhhh, isn’t all of this revitalization downtown just so exciting! To see the Magic City grow is like seeing a Phoenix slowly rising out of the ashes.

But what about Birmingham’s suburbs you might ask… I promise, I, and developers of course, haven’t forgotten about you 😉

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Okay, that may have been a bit dramatic, but hey, I’m just giving y’all a laugh 🙂

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So what can we be expecting for “Over the Mountain”, and beyond, parts of Birmingham.

One thing is for sure, there will continue to be growth through housing markets and job creation, especially along the 280 route. According to the Urban Land Institute, 79% of the U.S. live in suburban area, while business is moving back to city life.

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Developers have not, and will not forget about areas like Vestavia, Mountain Brook, Hoover, Pelham, etc., we are simply experiencing a major shift downtown.

Details on Bham’s Stable Suburbs:
  • A Suburb Classification Map – showing…
    • Established High End Suburbs
    • Stable Middle-Incomes
    • Greenfield Lifestyle Suburbs
    • Greenfield Value Suburbs

Now, if that’s all confusing to you (don’t worry, I understand), this is to reassure our suburban peeps that you are growing, you’re just not in the “lime light” for the time being.

Vulcan’s taking all the attention

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”What’s happening in America’s urban places is very exciting and important, but this report pulls back the lens and presents a much broader view and a better framework for understanding where people actually live in this country,”

“The suburbs have evolved far beyond the monolithic bedroom community of our imagination, and this report is the first to deal with them fully, and on their own terms, in a long time.”

– Adam Ducker – Managing Director at RCLCO – told reporters

Major Developments Happening  in our Suburbs – BBJ:

5, 10,15 years from now, what will Birmingham be/look like…?
Give me your thoughts!


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