Federal Funding for UAB Display’s the City’s Potential

Birmingham has many points of pride, but lets focus on one you may have heard about – The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Ranked 18th and 34th overall in terms of federal research funding, UAB continues to shine a light on our growing city.

More than $328 Million (34th overall) was incurred in federally financed expenditures and $516 Million total expenditures were taken in, putting them 41st nationally.

There are many reasons why UAB continues to preform and be ranked among the best public universities for reasearch. Without spelling out all the reason, we certainly cannot go without accrediting the federal funding that has fueled its fire.

“We continue to aggressively and purposefully support our students, faculty and staff involved in research, recruit prominent scientists and research teams to campus, and leverage strategic partnerships like the one we have with Southern Research to expand our results and influence.”

– Ray Watts told UAB News

Within Alabama, according to the press release by UAB, its research covered a whopping 63% of all public universities combined.

Keep it up UAB!


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