Mid 2017 will Host Quite the Showdown in Birmingham – the National Senior Games

Waves of funding are becoming increasingly easier to come by, it seems, for events and innovative dealings within the Bham area.

Along with the recent approval of TopGolf, the city has moved forward, with a massive amount of funding to host the National Senior Games from June 2nd to the 15th!

Photo By: Florida Sports Foundation
Photo By: Florida Sports Foundation

$750,000 from the city, as well as a contribution of $1.2 Million from the Birmingham Convention of Visitors Bureau, has been set in stone to bring one of the largest events the Magic City has seen in years


19-sport biennial national championship, the largest multisport event for adults 50 and older…

– Ty West, BBJ


Some may wonder why the city would invest such an amount into bringing this event to town. My two cents, we are all about shining a spot light on our growing Magic right? Well, this is quite the way to gain recognition.

The Benefits, Accoring to al.com:
  • $38 Million in Economic Impact
  • 30,000 hotel rooms are expected to be used

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“The city has really rolled out the red carpet for us,” Marc Riker, CEO of the National Senior Games said at that announcement, “and we know Birmingham will do a great job like all of our cities have.”

– Marc Riker, CEO of the National Senior Games, told al.com

Event Locations:
  • BJCC
  • Birmingham CrossPlex
  • UAB
  • Samford University
  • Birmingham-Southern
  • Pelham Racquet Club
  • Local Bowling Alleys

Birmingham experienced quite the summer with events such as Sloss Fest, Sloss Tech, Secret Stages, and more.
Soon the Magic City will be toward the top of the list for businesses, technology, events, and personalities to join in on what we have to offer.
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