Health Care, Tech, and now Movies…? Bham’s Certainly Coming up in the World

There’s something to say about a city that has the history, for the last decade, like ours, but that is seemingly rising out of the ashes and not allowing the past to dictate the future.

Okay, that may have been a bit dramatic, but we are definitely making a comeback.

Next up – the movie industry?
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“Office Uprising” – the action fantasy film directed by Lin Oeding (infamous stunt actor known for Inception and others) will have its start in Bham later this month; as reported by the BBJ.

This once looked down upon and “old” city is making its way into industries that, I am sure, many did not expect. Although practically speaking it is just a month of filming for the movie in Bham, this will help put us on the map!

A win is a win is a win…

We’ve been experiencing these lately, and I will bet it won’t stop any time soon.

Wade Cline
Wade Cline

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