Congrats to W. Stancil Starnes – Newest Newcomen Society of Alabama Awardee

Last week W. Stancil Starnes, CEO of ProAssurance, received the honor of induction into the Newcomen Society of Alabama.

The society is known for recognizing top notch businesses and the leaders within.

ProAssurance is the 4th largest health care insurance solution provider in the United States. The man behind the prominent company has grown the business into a successful and respected organization; hence the prestigious award he has been given.

Talking with the BBJ, Starnes said…

“Only under America’s free enterprise system could the vision of a small group of dedicated, resourceful Alabama physicians grow into a $2 billion company with coverage in force in every state and operations in three countries,”

The Newcomen Society of Alabama, being like many other state’s societies, will have Raymond Harbert as its chairman for 2017; announced last week during the ceremony.

Article by BBJ here

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