Breweries are Becoming a Hot Commodity in Bham – District Brews Coming Soon

Since the rise of Avondale, Good People Brewing, and many more, Birmingham has not been the same. Attraction toward downtown continues to rise not only with consumers, but with new businesses being interested in our growth. 

Next brewery up, District Brewing Co. 


We discovered what makes Birmingham District Brewing Co. great for Bham by asking Matt Grey, the most recent addition to BDBc, some questions:

Why come to Birmingham?

“Simply put, the Magic City is our home! We wanted to bring a trendy establishment to the area that combines our passion for brewing great beer with the unique opportunity of opening a brewery to serve others.


Birmingham is experiencing rapid growth, and with more development, the city needs more great local beer. Further to that, Alabama, especially B’ham, has grown into a powerhouse for craft beer and microbreweries which makes our venture much more exciting.”

Is there a desired location in Birmingham you would like to set up shop?

“Our goal is to have the taproom centrally located in a place that’s convenient for our local crowds to visit, but also allows the freedom for those folks to go back-and-forth to visit the other great B’ham taprooms. 

Cale Sellers perfecting the latest brew recipe – the 5th release!

We also want to tap into the visitor/tourist markets to share the Birmingham beer scene with “outsiders”, so we’re looking at locations that will be in high traffic areas for visitors. We’re in final talks with two potential locations and we will be confirming the final decision by year end 2016.”

How did y’all start? 

“Brewing has been a bit of a family affair for quite some time. In fact, our team brings a combined 25+ years of brewing trials to the Birmingham District Brewing Co.  Our founder (Cale Sellers) began brewing after traveling the country and experiencing gallons of unique microbrews that inspired him to “reach for another level of greatness”.

The Founders: John Kueven, Brad Kueven, and Cale Sellers

Cale and his father-in-law (Brad Kueven) began to conspire in 2014 and transformed Mr. Brad’s “secret brew recipe book” into reality via the Birmingham District Brewing Co.  The “secret brew recipe book” is locked up tighter than the Bush’s Baked Beans recipe.  Seriously… 

Nothing says family quite like sharing great brews and laughs together!”

Where are your roots?

“Ironically enough, our roots run deep in Mississippi (well… one of our partners was born in B’ham, but he’s been gone for too long).  Our two founding members moved to Birmingham about six years ago and fell in love with city and the emerging Alabama craft brew industry.

The founding family - Left: Brad, Cheri, Maggie, John, Jennifer, Cale
The founding family – Left: Brad, Cheri, Maggie, John, Jennifer, Cale

Don’t let our out of state beginnings deter you, two of our founders are also UAB Alumni with mad love for the Magic City! We couldn’t possibly think of a better way to give back to our community than bringing our brews and taproom to this great city.”

How many original beers do y’all currently brew?

“We have four styles ready to release. We’re experimenting with a few additional recipes and plan to have more options ready for the beer lovers when the taproom opens. We’re extremely proud of our IPA and Amber, these will be our staple brews that will hopefully keep our patrons coming back for more.

District Brews IPA, meant to be enjoyed on an SEC Saturday!

We can’t talk about brews without mentioning how honored we are to be a part of the newest Alabama collaboration beer that’s released every year with participation of all microbreweries located in Alabama. Beer lovers in Alabama stay tuned, you won’t be disappointed…”

We are excited for y’all to join the conglomerate of wonderful brews in Birmingham!

Keep track with their progress on social media: @districtbrews 

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Our humble beginnings…

Although we’re a new establishment, did you know the Birmingham District Brewing Co. has historical ties right at the core of Birmingham?

Prior to the 1870s, the area around Birmingham was lacking development. In fact, there was very little incentive for new development as fertile soils conducive to agriculture and rail lines connecting to larger cities were absent. However, what the soil lacked, the underlying bedrock would more than make up for!

In 1849, Michael Tuomey, Alabama’s first state geologist, documented the vast mineral resources of the region in a report to Governor Henry Collier titled the “First Biennial Report on the Geology of Alabama”.  In his report, Tuomey describes the wealth of economically viable minerals in a 75-mile-long, 10-mile-wide belt of iron ore located between Springville and Vance, an area later dubbed the “Birmingham District”.  Geologic mapping also revealed prevalent coal and limestone resources in the immediate vicinity of the Birmingham District, providing all the key ingredients needed to make iron and steel.

Birmingham was famously nicknamed the “Magic City” for its swift growth in the early 1900s, but what was even more magical was the presence of all the mineral resources within the nearby vicinity of the present-day city limits.  In fact, the Birmingham area is the only location in the world that contains all the minerals required to make iron and steel within a 50-mile radius. 

To celebrate the genesis of Birmingham and the geology that led to the development of the “Magic City”, the brewery is affectionately named “Birmingham District Brewing Company”. Well that, and because geologists know good beer…”

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