Alabama Named in the Top 10 of Greatest States for Business

The saying, “The south will rise again” may not have been said pertaining to the rise of business in the south, and how it is becoming a large player, but maybe it should have.

In the most recent Site Selection Magazine rankings, Alabama scores an 83/100, #9 out of 25 states, with the best business climates.
Photo By: Site Selection
Photo By: Site Selection

A big win for our state, and Birmingham had/has a large role to play in this calculation. I mention a lot how our city, let alone our state, is headed toward greatness and business development is the avenue it’s taking to achieve such goals.

Being nationally acclaimed is huge for the state, no matter the position of our ranking.

Other standings:
  • #1 – Georgia
  • #2 – North Carolina
  • #3 – Ohio
  • #4 – Tennessee

How Standings are Determined:
  • 50% of the calculation – Site selectors: Corporate facility investors and site consultants.
  • 50% of calculation, being “objective” – data that is represented by the Conway Projects Database, “credits areas with corporate facility projects of at least $1 million in capital investment, 20 or more new jobs or new construction of at least 20,000 sq. ft.”
Keep rockin’ and rollin’ Bham – with the continuous development and hustle, the country will soon recognize us as a top competitor in more ways than one.
Wade Cline
Wade Cline

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