Paper and Tech Join Forces to Help Aspiring Authors

Birmingham has found its place in the United States economy as a future leader in technology and innovation. To further this mission, companies from all sectors continue to meld tech into their everyday practices.

For example, Books-a-Million is integrating technology to make it easier for local authors to “self-publish”; a perfect example of innovating and inviting the world of technology into a market place that has been thriving for centuries. 

Z Paper and Tech Join Forces to Help Aspiring Authors


Silicon Valley is the leader of innovating businesses and creating new technologies; it would be foolish of me to think Birmingham is near that level, but we are getting there.

Through noticing how tech can impact such a historical market, Books-a-Million has started integrating a program to help authors who want to self publish. By partnering with Fast Pencil, the Bham based company will begin having a major role in many author futures.

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“Providing a self-publishing platform that includes the opportunity for in-store distribution is a great way for us to enhance our customer’s experience and support authors who choose the self-publishing path.”

– Mary Gallagher, EVP Merchandising at Books-a-Million, told the BBJ

Details for you Authorpeneurs:
  • Lowest Subscription – Pro. designed book cover, hard-copy proof, distribution on BAM’s e-commerce marketplace
  • Highest Subscription – $1,799 and $2,799, in store selling of books, marketing tools, and website creation! 

Let us celebrate with Books-a-Million for their 100th year of business, come 2017!

Wade Cline
Wade Cline

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