Birmingham Keeps Historic Feel With Redmont Hotel Lounge

Upon the rooftop of the oldest hotel in town, is the new and improved lounge for those wanting one heck of a view of our city’s skyline.

Elegance and pride embody this hotel at the heart of Bham.
Photo By: Redmont Hotel
Photo By: Redmont Hotel

With the speakeasy in Avondale, and now this classy cocktail lounge in the middle of our city, it seems as if revitalization and history are melding together.

This will give Birmingham a unique taste, but modern up to date feel all at the same time.

200 s Birmingham Keeps Historic Feel With Redmont Hotel Lounge

…Redmont Hotel reopened earlier this year after a complete $20 million renovation and it is now a part of the Curio Collection by Hilton.

– Brent Godwin, BBJ

Not only is the community in support of such projects, but the opening of the hotel was made possible due to Alabama’s Historic Tax Credit program. The BBJ reported that the program ended earlier last year.

These project continue to build up my hope in the Magic City, I hope you feel the same way 😉

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