UAB Bowling Looks to Strike in its First Tournament of the Season









The UAB bowling team is back in action for the first time since April of 2015.

It was national news when the UAB football program was shut down. The part that wasn’t national news was that the bowling program was also being terminated. Once bowling was announced to be reinstated, it was overshadowed once again by football returning to the home of the Blazers.

That hasn’t stopped the nine lady bowlers from being ready for their debut.

The Blazers is in New Jersey for a weekend long tournament and they started their season this morning with a win in their first match.

The team is coached by Michelle Crews who says her team has been practicing hard.

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Bowling is not the most glorious or broadcasted sport, but it a division one sport nonetheless and the girls practice and hone their talents. The 2016-2017 team is young – featuring seven true freshmen and only one returning bowler.

 The team comes from all over the country, and out of it, to bowl. Girls are from as far away as Costa Rica and Hawaii. The squad is excited to see what they can accomplish in their first year back at UAB.