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Not only is Birmingham known for its abundant amount of support for startups, but the medical field has been making an impact in the city for quite sometime. 

When these two meld, great things are sure to happen, and we see this with Vulcan Analytical.

Michael Heaven, Ph.D., is the founder and CEO of the UAB startup that is revolutionizing “novel mass spectrometry acquisition and data analytics software workflow”. The technology he is working with/on is out of this world! 

The name even screams revolutionary, maybe its just me…

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Here are some details on the most recent project that Heaven is taking upon himself and VA:
  • microSWATH
    • this is the most recent patent pending product that will be able to “analyze more than 70 percent of the entire human proteome in about an hour…”
    • The reason for this, to make it more efficient to analyze patients blood and plasma. 
    • While monitoring proteins, the technology is focused on detecting diagnosis’ for certain diseases. 

…”is to be able to analyze any patient’s specimen and rapidly screen for many common and rare diseases using high-quality, publicly available research that is able to be validated internally by the company in trials.”

– Michael Heaven

About the Business:

There is a huge market in Birmingham for medical research, but why is Vulcan Analytical the only one doing this type of technology in Bham?

Simple, it takes patients and a steady hand. 

Heaven graduated from UAB College of Arts and Sciences Department of Chemistry and went onto the doctoral program in biochemistry. Not only one intelligent guy, but quite the hard worker.

He has always loved research and while working next to Michael Brenner, Ph.D., his mentor and professor in Neurobiology, the love grew into a full-scale business. 

As the dream of starting a business off of his research seemed more and more attainable, Michael enrolled into an MBA entrepreneurship course at the Collat School of Business. This honed in on skills not yet breach and opened doors to opportunities many Bham tech startups strive for; receiving about $22,000 in 2012 from the Alabama Launchpad competition

As of now, and fittingly to say the least, Michael and Vulcan Analytics reside within the Innovation Depot along side app developers, industry movers, other bio mechanic engineers, and a multitude of hustlers. 

For more details on Michael Heaven’s research, click here

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