The Bold Speaker Series Kicked Off with Jay Brandrup

Jay Brandrup was slated as the first of several img_4168speakers in Bham Now’s Bold Speaker Series, sponsored by EBSCO. Last Tuesday, he got the series kick-started as he talked about his company Kinetic Communications.

Jay Brandrup walked through what got his company up and running and how they are currently finding success. His inviting smile and energizing personality lit up the room and anyone there could easily see how he has become successful.

Jay is from Wisconsin and made his way south looking for better golfing weather. He ended up at Auburn University where he later graduated with honors. He had no ties to Birmingham, but that did not stop him from starting and growing his own business there.

“There was never a doubt, downtown Birmingham was where we wanted to be.” – Jay Brandrup

In 1995 Kinetic Communications was born. Thanks to Jay’s college job he had access to T1 Internet speeds before most people and he said that’s when he knew he wanted to start a technology company.

Jan Harris and friends at Bham Now's BOLD series.

Jan Harris and friends at Bham Now’s BOLD series.

Kinetic has grown into a well-established company that has worked with hundreds of other companies and people to help improve the speed and flexibility of how those companies and people conduct business.

So how does one man build a company out of nothing and become so successful? Jay said it takes a lot of hard work, late hours and sleeping in the office… and of course a little bit of fun along the way. Jay’s inner kid and desire for fun is easy to spot at his workplace.

Outside of Kinetic

The vibrant colors and beehive designed offices at Kinetic are inviting. When you make your way to the roof you’ll see a turfed golfing green and a giant chess set. Move along from there to the upstairs area and there are all kinds of arcade games. Pacman, pinball, and basketball hoops.

Jay also credits a lot of his companies past and current success to the mix of left and right brains. Just having the mix helps but what really grew the company was how well the left and right brains were able to work together.

“Right place right time” were words Jay used several times. From having early access to T1 internet to buying a web domain name for $1,000 and then reselling it for $60,000, Jay and his company took advantage of unforeseen opportunities and mixed it in with hard work.

Kinetic Communications and Jay Brandrup are examples of why Birmingham is growing and thriving. 

Each BOLD Speaker will choose a charity to be honored at their event.  Bham Now donated $100 to  The Charge Syndrome Foundation which was Brandrup’s choice.

The next Bold Speaker Series  event will be on December 6th at the Avondale Brewery. Jim McClintock the world-famous explorer will be the speaker and Hand-in-Paw is the benefiting charity.

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