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What is Bhan Now?   We are the mobile, modern guide to Birmingham.

What is our mission?  Our mission is to help create a better, smarter, healthier, more forward-moving Birmingham.  

Why the head?  The teal bearded head represents a modern, hipster Vulcan.  It was designed by Min Sun Lee, local Birmingham artist.

What is our focus?  Bham Now is focused on new business, innovation, jobs, nature and having fun in the ‘ham.  Bham Now is NOT the go-to site for football scores, crime or weather unless it is a social issue.

What do we offer?

  • We offer a free digital media at bhamnow.com for the ‘millennial-minded’ of Birmingham and a weekly hand-crafted e-newsletter.  Our content is designed to be fun, engaging, have utility, and is easily sharable. Sometimes we will take a ‘deep dive’ on an issue.
  • Bham Now hosts ‘the BOLD’ Speaker Series every other month, featuring locals who have stepped forward in significant ways to make Birmingham better.   Send your suggested speakers to hello@bhamnow.com  
  • We work hand-in-hand with local companies to provide unique digital campaigns to meet their needs.  Our offerings include digital advertising and custom content creation to promote companies, jobs, events, housing, non-profits or to cover specific topics or issues.  These will be labeled as ‘Sponsored’ on Bham Now.com.      

Who’s Behind it?  Bham Now was founded by Cindy Martin, former CEO of AL.com and Alabama Media Group.  Contributors include Pat Byington, Director, Cary Estes, Wade Cline, Vicky Lewis, Hunter Holland, Marshall Lyles and Hailey Grace Steele.  Interested in writing for us?  Let us know!

Comments or questions?   We’d love to hear from you.  Contact us at hello@bhamnow.com.


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