AVIATE – Using ‘Codes’ to Bring People Together

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When I say “Birmingham Logos”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

If you thought, “BHM, created by Aviate” we are on the same page 🙂

Photo By: AVIATE

Brand awareness is HUGE for companies when gathering attention from millennials. A Birmingham based company is doing this quite successfully, so obviously we have to give them a shout out!

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With content production becoming somewhat of my thing, I asked Randall Porter, Community Outreach and Event Manager at AVIATE, about some company info:

Company Beginnings and Motives to Begin
  • May of 2015
  • Aviate is more than airport codes on hats. We strive to bring community to cities through our products.”
Mission Statement
  • “Aviate was born on the idea of bringing COMMUNITY to our home city of Birmingham, Alabama. We have dedicated ourselves to crafting the highest quality of customized travel products for our customers to enjoy both on the road and sitting in the comfort of their own home. We strive to bring you perfection, and also some fun along the way.”
How Does the Mission Statement Play out Day to Day?
  • “Not only do we create community outside of our four walls, but inside our four walls we are a family and we all love each other. So curating that kind of atmosphere as company culture on the inside helps us promote community on the outside as well.”
What is the Most Popular Item you Sell?
  • “Our top sellers are BHM (Birmingham), BNA (Nashville), CHS (Charleston), CLT (Charlotte), LEX (Lexington), STL (St. Louis). We have several great retailers in every market that really are loyal to our brand and products.”
Where does Aviate see Itself in 5 Years?
  • “The overall goal is making Aviate a premium travel brand. In 5 years, our goal is for Aviate to be recognizable from coast to coast with our products being in nationally renown retailers and also breaking into international markets”
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