Affordable, Nationally Acclaimed, and Full of Good Stuff…

What’s better than good eats and revitalization?

Good eats combined with an improving and lively location while staying affordable.

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Repetitiveness is no good, unless highlighting positive aspects of life that people ought to be reminded of… This will happen at points, but stick with me 😉

I say the above statement because anytime Avondale is in the mix of the conversation, it’s almost impossible not to repeat myself; this time I write on the recent affordability award granted to Saw’s Soul Kitchen.

Photo By: Saws BBQ

The BBJ recognized that TripAdvisor ranked the southern kitchen at #10 on its list of “best spots for eating on a budget in the U.S.”.

The ever improving Avondale has undergone major improvements for the last 10 years. The area, to be honest, was unattractive and uninviting in the past, but gosh has it come to a point pride for the city.

Speaking of, did you hear that BuzzFeed ranked Avondale as the most hipster neighborhood in Alabama. Just sayin, it’s always nice to receive national recognition 🙂
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Keep it up Avondale and the business that keep it alive, we love you!


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